Dave Woodall

fomer life

Before writing software I was a business owner, art director, and graphic designer. I completed undergrad in 2000, the year the Tech Bubble burst. I was already gaining traction with my first t-shirt business so I saw no reason to change course back then. Call me slow, but it took me eight years before I realized that the Internet was here to stay.

Co-Founder & CEO

AMB3R custom t-shirts

April 2008 - July 2012

I co-founded AMB3R with $5,000 and a vision to sell t-shirts differently. Our first year we sold $380,000 in apparel. We sold almost $1M the fourth year, which is the year I sold to my business partner so that I could subsidize and switch into becoming a full time developer.

  • $3M in total sales
  • Successful exit to start a new career!

Art Director

Ouray Sportswear

January 2009 - October 2011

I was recruited by a Private Equity firm to join the new management team of Ouray. I hired, fired, and managed 9 graphic designers to release 1,200 graphics a year. We won small business of the year in 2011. I was an awarded a patent for a t-shirt concept I created.

  • Won South Denver Small Business of the year, 2001
  • Won a Patent

Account Executive


January 2005 - October 2008

Futureshirts was a small music merchandise company doing about $2M in annual revenues. I was responsible to aquire new business, servicing customers with new product and design ideas. Oftentimes, it was easier for me to design my own graphics for their merchandise so I was able to lean on my graphic design experience.

Graphic Designer, Freelance

Dub Design Company

January 2003 - January 2005

Dub, short for 'W'. My work with my first t-shirt brought business for other graphic design tasks. I designed t-shirts, brochures, websites, and postcards for anyone who asked.

Sole Proprietor

Church Clothes

October 1996 - October 2006

I went to a religious college. As such, I started a tongue and cheeck clothing line titled 'church clothes'. Some of my favorite experiences building the brand were selling into 100 retailers, opening two Mall kiosks, and producing a 7 city promotional music tour by select retailers.

That's memory lane for me. Makes you realize you don't really know how life's road will lead.