Dave Woodall


My traditional education focused around communications and finance. Those experiences served me well as an entrepreneur. I applied my education into starting three companies and selling one of them.

M.S. Finance

University of Denver


Focus on entreprenurial finance, funding, and managment

B.S. Communications (Advertising & P.R.)

Liberty University


I leveraged school projects to start a t-shirt company. I had a captive audience in the student body who were my first customers. My college experience was a perfect business incubator.

continued education

I started coding by myself but knew I would benefit from taking some courses. Thankfully, that was around the time that the first coding bootcamps started.

Sandi Metz Course

Durham, NC


Yes, THE Sandi Metz! I had the tremendous opportunity to take her 3-Day Object Oriented course. I had already read "POODR" twice. She solidified many of the views about software. I am eternally grateful to Phishme for making this happen.

(the original) Code Academy

Chicago, IL


I relocated to Chicago for three months to attended Code Academy, which suffered from being named the same as the popular online site named the same but was not affiliated. The Code Academy I attended was the first popular Coding Bootcamp. I was the third class and the last one before the movement exploded. It was an amazing 3 month experience which gave me the confidence to forge ahead in my new career.

RoleModel Software Craftsmanship

Holly Springs, NC


RMSC was an intense bootcamp that provided an intro into all things software. It was a great way to get my bearings before I attended Code Academy.

Online education

Online Training

I have invested over 2,000 hours watching software videos on the following;

  • Lynda
  • PluralSight
  • GoRails
  • RailsCasts
  • Tea Leaf Academy
  • Udemy
  • Code School

But that's not all...

I've included some of my favorite books and conferences over in the about page