Dave Woodall


My traditional education focused around communications and finance. Those experiences served me well as an entrepreneur. I applied my experiences into starting three successful (as I define success) companies and selling one of them.

M.S. Finance

University of Denver


Focus on entreprenurial finance, funding, and managment

B.S. Communications (Advertising & P.R.)

Liberty University


I used many of my school based projects to start my first t-shirt company. I had a captive audience in the student body who were my first customers. My college experience was the perfect startup incubator.

continued education

I started coding by myself but knew I would benefit from taking some courses. Thankfully, that was around the time that the first coding bootcamps started.

Sandi Metz Course

Durham, NC


Yes, THE Sandi Metz! I had the tremendous opportunity to take her 3-Day Object Oriented course. I had already read "POODR" twice. She solidified many of the views about software. I am eternally grateful to Phishme for making this happen.

(the original) Code Academy

Chicago, IL


I attended Code Academy, which suffered from being named the same as the popular online site named the same but was not affiliated. The Code Academy I attended was the first popular Coding Bootcamp. I was the third class and the last one before the movement exploded. It was an amazing 3 month experience which gave me the confidence to forge ahead in my new career.

RoleModel Software Craftsmanship

Holly Springs, NC


RMSC offered a week long bootcamp experience that gave an intense overview of all things software. It was a great way to get my bearings before I started Code Academy.

Online education

Online Training

I have invested over 2,000 hours watching software videos on the following;

  • Lynda
  • PluralSight
  • GoRails
  • RailsCasts
  • Tea Leaf Academy
  • Udemy
  • Code School

But that's not all...

I've included some of my favorite books and conferences over in the about page