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Last Updated: July 11, 2018

There are many small and simple moving parts to know as a full stack developer. For example, I have a simple table with rows that expand into a drawer for more details. I wrote a lot of breakpoints on a simple drawer to make it look good on responsive screens. But today I learned the power of colspan on a td. That one little attribute was all that was needed to make my drawer fit perfectly inside my table. Sometimes I feel like I should know all these little details by now.

No matter how much time I spend coding, and I spend a lot of my time coding, there is always going to be something else to learn. That colspan showed me I am setting unrealistic expectations to think I will no longer TIL. Which is a silly thing to aspire. After all, why I love this profession is because of the constant learning. Each day I learn something new and get a little bit better. Yes, I am getting better but I hope to never stop learning.